Competition :: M_Art Ideas

Sponsored by OpenGap, the purpose of this competition is the collection of innovative ideas in architectural design that not only rethink the concept of "market" as a commercial space highlighting the value of manual /craft work but also promote the direct contact between the artist-craftsman and the customers. The objective is to find proposals that provide a modern vision of urban markets looking for their adaptation to the current lifestyle, but without losing their value and social essence, history and culture. 

This ideas competition does not refer to any particular location but to a generalized situation. Each participant or team (up to 5 people) will define where to locate the project and the site can be a real or fictitious. However, the proposal must justify the choice of the location and the improvement reached by that project. As one of the central ideas of this competition is the adaptability of the project to different places and contexts, we expect that diversity of location can be enriching for all. 

Fee: $84 until 30 July; $105 from 30 July - 31 August 

Deadlines: 31 August 2010 – Registration deadline; 6 September 2010 – Proposal submission deadline 

Awards: First Prize - $3500; Second Prize - $1400; Third Prize - $700

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