Competition :: Shift Boston :: Moon Capital 2010

When considering the future of design let's start looking out into space. WHAT IF we could occupy the Moon only 100 years after our first visit there in July of 1969? Might the Moon become an independent, self-sustaining, and sovereign state? If so WHY NOT start designing for that new world NOW? THINK BEYOND what is familiar and envision design in DEEP SPACE.

Overview SHIFTboston calls on all architects, artists, landscape architects, urban designers, industrial designers, planners, engineers, and anyone else who would like to propose a Lunar concept. This competition is open to all individuals and teams of all sizes.

Competition Category 1: LET'S GET SERIOUS Design a second generation living and working moon habitat. The architectural program consists of four components: an above surface access unit, surface laboratories, an agricultural zone, and a core habitat located under the lunar surface. YOU WILL BE DESIGNING AN ACTUAL LUNAR BASE and will be contributing to advancements in design in the space architecture industry.

Competition Category 2: LET'S HAVE FUN Re-imagine the Moon as a new destination with radical ideas for new lunar elements such as rovers, growing pods, inflatable structures, droids, clothing, and habitats. Envision an entire LUNAR CITY! How about a new Moon culture? What would it look like? Sound like? Envision having FUN on the moon with activities, fashion, and spacesuits.

Schedule/Entry Fee Registration Deadline: September 1, 2010 Submission Deadline: September 3, 2010 The entry fee is US$50 for individuals and US$75 for a company or organization. All payments are final and nonrefundable.

Award $1,000 cash prize

Submit all your inquiries to Answers to your questions will be placed online. Last day to submit your questions is August 13, 2010.