Design-Build Bioretention Pool Workshop

Design-Build Bioretention Pool Non-Credit Workshop
(Approved for NOFA credit)
Saturday August 21st from 9 am - 5 pm
Instructor: Marie Stella
Course/Sec: SEM001/AC
Cost: $250.00

Under the tutelage of a contractor and designer, this hands on DESIGN-BUILD workshop will be held in Ashfield, Massachusetts at the Beaver Lodge, a LEED platinum project. This workshop will include the final design of a partially built stone bioretention pool for rain water harvesting. Designers and contractors will explore the possibilities and challenges of the site, refine the plan, and begin the preliminary execution of the final design.

Workshop objectives include integrating the site hydrology with rainwater harvesting, determining pump sizes, working with stone retaining walls, basics for planting wetland material, review of pool lining considerations as well as the installation of a bamboo safety fence. Issues of sustainability, materials, and technology will inform every decision.

This workshop is being offered through the Landscape Institute. Information about this course can be found here, and registration information can be found here.