New C Studio

C Studio :: A Mountain Hut
and A Headquarters Building for a Mountaineering Club 

Thursdays 4-7PM, Room 505, 320 Newbury
Christing Cuttitta,  Studio Instructor
Mountain and Metropolis

Project: This Studio will concern itself with both the practical and the poetic in architecture, and will require that both be pursued rigorously and simultaneously.  On the practical side, there will be an emphasis on creating a purposeful, functional and sustainable environment.  On the poetic side, an aspirational and progressive client is presented; forms and spaces for this client will want to be evocative of the client group’s adventurous pursuits as well as representative of the client’s environmentally responsible public outreach/presence in the community.

For this studio, you will imagine 2 buildings for a single client-group:  An Urban Mountaineering / Explorer’s Club.  One building will be a headquarters building, located on an urban site in Somerville, in Porter Square, adjacent to the Porter Square Red-line ‘T‘ stop.  The other will be a much smaller mountain shelter located just above the tree-line on Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

The program for this studio presents the opportunity to examine integrated program elements on 2 disparate sites:  two radically different parts of a single entity.  All successful solutions will reflect the complimentary needs of beauty and functionality in architecture, resulting in usable, sustainable, comfortable, and memorable forms, spaces, and places.  We will work in various media including freehand sketch, drafted architectural drawings, physical model, and computer model.  A demonstrated clear and complete understanding of how both your buildings are to be constructed, structured, occupied, and their impact on their surroundings will be required.

Core Explorations:

Urban site/ Natural site relationships
Green or sustainable architecture
What is ‘Natural’  in terms of materials
Verticality in site, in interior space
Enclosure vs. Exposure

Urban Headquarters Program:

Meeting rooms
Theater for lectures, films
Climbing structures
Training room
Map room / Research Library
Exhibition Space
Observation Deck
Event room
Parking per code

Mountain Hut Program:

Bathroom / shower
Dining space
Sleeping space - Bunk lodging for 12
Observation Deck