Pete & Jen’s Backyard Birds Farm Tour

Pete & Jen’s Backyard Birds Farm Tour
Wednesday September 1, 2010 from 4–6 pm
Pete and Jen’s Backyard Birds
159 Wheeler Road, Concord, MA

Pete and Jen’s Backyard Birds will host a farm tour as part of the
Eastern Mass CRAFT program. This is your chance to see the farm and how the owners manage their pasture dance throughout the many fields.

Pete and Jen are small scale local growers of pasture-raised, premium quality meat and layer chickens, pigs, some sheep, and a few rabbits. They began with a first small flock of chickens in 2002 and have since expanded due to the growing interest and demand for high-quality, humanely raised meat and eggs. They currently sell most of their products by pre-order, through their mini-store in Concord and to select restaurants in Boston.

Their goal is to grow healthy, happy and tasty animals for the local community while respecting the land and their wonderful animals. The tour is free and all questions are welcome and encouraged.  For more information, log on to