AIAS Membership

AIAS Membership has started! To join, please fill out the form above and hand it into the AIAS BAC Mailbox on the second floor of 320 Newbury Street ASAP. Along with the form, please enclose a check or money order made out to Boston Architectural College, with AIAS written in the memo section.

Here is the breakdown of the dues:

Annual National Dues (Required):                   $47.00
Local Dues/Fees (Required):                          $13.00
Donation to Freedom By Design (Optional):     $2.00
$60.00 Total ($62.00 with donation)

How AIAS benefits you:
-Being a members of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) gives you the ability to take control of your education, connects you with fellow design students across the country, and allows you to become leaders on a national level.
-Our vast collection of resources and activities is designed for you and to help you save money, save time and assist with your educational and professional pursuits–and your life. The AIAS also helps ensure your success upon completing your education through the connections you will make with educators, architects, designers and other professionals. Check out all Member Benefits.
-Through our events and initiatives, locally the AIAS BAC connects you with fellow BAC students and the administration, the local community and industry, we secure thousands in funding every year to support members attending national conferences.

For more info on AIAS, watch a
YouTube video about the benefits of joining AIAS, or see the National AIAS website.