Blog Pick :: BLDGBLOG

The BLDGBLOG Book (a collection of entries from his blog), Manaugh says, "...I want to reiterate that BLDGBLOG is fundamentally about following, and not being ashamed by, your own enthusiasms, whether or not they are rigorous and appropriate for the academic mores of the day, or even interesting for your family and friends."

BLDGBLOG ("BUILDING BLOG") is written by Geoff Manaugh in Los Angeles, CA. Geoff Manaugh is a writer, grant writer, essayist, Archinect team member, formerly a senior editor for
Dwell Magazine, and a contributing editor to Wired UK. This site is an exciting meeting ground for architecture, planning, and landscape issues.

This blog has nearly 6 years of archived posts about architectural conjecture, urban speculation, and landscape futures. Many of the posts on BLDGBLOG go deeper into looking at a structure than just aesthetics - they speak about a variety of topics affecting architecture, such as biological warfare, urban design, climatology and has interviews with people from biologists to architects.

BLDGBLOG talks about topics that are extremely interesting and allow the reader to think freely and imaginatively about design.