Prepare: ASID Web Event

Prepare: ASID Web Event

Wednesday October 27, 2-3:30 pm
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Being prepared for the job market is vital to landing that 1st job and more importantly will allow you to stand out. 
Don't follow the pack, but be a leader. This webinar for Interior Design students is about the real world and being prepared for it!

Topics to be covered:

Preparing with research & knowledge 

-Finding the information you will need before you start a job search
-How to use this knowledge to find opportunities
-How to use this information to get yourself in front of hiring managers

Construction of a cover letter and resume 

-When, Why & how to use a cover letter effectively
-Preparation techniques to develop an effective resume
-What should be included to make it a powerful resume

Preparing your online social network job campaign 

-How to prepare your online profile to give yourself the right presence
-Using online social media to effectively market yourself
-How to network and get in front of the right people

Proper business digital communication and business etiquette

-Email, texting, blogging, and phone calls are all forms of digital communication.
-Are you using the correct formats, treating each contact in a professional manner?
-An email can be your best friend or your worst enemy, be prepared how to handle.
-Business etiquette is more than being polite; find out the key points of how to act in the office and out of the office at those company functions.