RealWorld DesignWeek :: Job Shadowing

As RealWorld DesignWeek registration comes to a close in one week (October 29), there are 2 shadow day events still available in the ASID New England Chapter:

Real World Design Week
11/10/2010 Elizabeth R. Swartz
Real World Design Week 11/11/2010 Elizabeth R. Swartz

If you are interested in job shadowing for a day with any of the professionals listed above, please log on to and search for the shadow day using the shadow day title or professional name. Once the shadow day is displayed, click the adjacent Register button to register. If the Register button has a red X through it, then the shadow day is no longer available.

Any of these shadow days would offer an excellent peek into the real world of interior design practice as well as priceless networking opportunities with design professionals. This is your chance to learn about interior design outside of the classroom. Past student participants have remarked that RealWorld DesignWeek provided the most meaningful and powerful membership benefit brought to them by ASID.