Blog Pick :: Yatzer

Yatzer, is an online design blog dedicated to sharing with the world design marvels. From architectural masterpieces and interior wonders to fashion and art, nothing is exempt. Designed and currently operated by Greek interior designer, Costas Voyatzis, the website is one of the current hot spots for designers to showcase their work. As described by Voyatzis, the website is, “a reference point for those who want to acquire an overall idea of what’s happening in the creative and fast moving world of design.”

Shell Residence by Kotaro Ide
photo: Kotaro Ide
The site is broken down into a number of categories, design, interiors, architecture, fashion, and art, as well as providing information on events, interview with designers and many more. Visitors can comment on posts and discuss aspects of these designs with others from around the world. The architecture and interiors sections are filled with images highlighting various unique designs.

Room 307, Tokyo by Richard Hutten
photo:Takumi Ota 
Updated daily, visitors can experience a new piece or design each day. Currently featured in the architectural section is “House Holman”, an extension to the sea by Durbach Block Architects. Located in Sydney, Australia, this house sits and hangs of the ends of a 70-meter high cliff taking full advantage of the various views that one can experience at such a height.

House Holman by Durbach Block Architects
photo: Brett Boardman Photography
If you are looking to discover something new and unique check out, the website is filled with surprising works that will make you look twice and rethink the design of some traditional items. Inspiration comes from the world around us and as Costas Voyatzis says, “Design is to share.”