BuildBoston Exhibit Hall Picks

BuildBoston Exhibit Hall Picks

By Anesu Dhliwayo, B-Arch Candidate

Build Boston 2010 is an annual convention that showcases the latest trends in architecture and design. Held at the Seaport World Trade Center on the Waterfront, BuildBoston has an exhibit hall that brings more than 250 suppliers of building products under one roof to show case their products. I visited the Exhibit Hall with Molly Rovero yesterday and here are the booths you I think must see. 

Green: AZON

AZON is a company that designs sustainable and energy saving windows for high-rise buildings. Their window designs have thermal barrier that prevent heat flow through aluminum panels. At their booth they have a model that illustrates their concept of “Warm-Light” a roll-formed aluminum with thermal barrier technology to create a warm-edge insulating glass unit that reduces thermal conductivity in any climate or condition.

Acoustics: Louiseville Fiberboard

Louiseville Fiberboard is a Canadian fiber board manufacturer. The fiber board is intended for soundproofing. Their booth showcased a new soundproofing panel called Sonopan. To illustrate how effective Sonopan their booth housed a room with a blasting radio. However when the door was closed it was as if it had turned off. 

Most Innovative: IdeaPaint

IdeaPaint is a small company that produces paint that can turn any surface into a dry-erase surface. This was my favorite product from BuildBoston because it breaks the boundaries of where people can draw their creative ideas.   Fun-Fact the 951 dry-erase boards and the one in the 1st floor gallery are from IdeaPaint.

Walls: DORMA

DORMA is a global supplier of door technology and systems. Their Build Boston booth was equipped with moveable walls that fold up to the ceiling with the touch of a button. Their movable walls are redefining the concept of a room, by giving the option of changing a small conference room into a hall.

Best Details: METRA Aluminum

METRA designs aluminum profiles for architecture.  The company produced aluminum for the curtain wall of World Trade Center – New Tower 7 and the Time Square Tower in New York. On their booth they have detailed sections of how their aluminum systems are connected.

Wild-Card: takeform

Take form is a company that focuses on signage. takeform believes in “connecting signage with architecture, material and brand. Signage is the thread that weaves all these elements together. Their signage is legible and ‘fresh’.

Must See: LTI Group

LTI Group is a provider of innovative laminated glass and polymer products to a broad variety of industries. At their booth LTI Group is featuring ‘Smart Privacy Glass’. The glass switches from clear and transparent to translucent. Their design allows public and private activities to happen in the same space, one simply make the glass translucent to provide a layer of privacy.

Build Boston started yesterday at noon and will conclude Friday night. If you’re unable to attend, check out the websites to find out more about this year’s innovative materials.