Molly’s Build Boston 2010 Picks

Molly’s Build Boston 2010 Picks

by Molly Rovero, B-Arch Candidate

The Office of Student Development sent me to the Build Boston 2010 Exhibit Hall to find the most interesting things to see there. Before listing my top picks, I will stand on my soapbox and urge you to attend. Build Boston is a fun way to learn about new products, get inspiration, or even pick up ideas about materials for a studio project.

Most Innovative - Touch sensitive chairs and wall paneling by NunoErin win my top pick for innovative products. They change colors as you touch them and hand prints or even booty prints stay for a few seconds and then fade away.

Acoustics - Sonopan acoustical panels act as sound reduction for walls and ceilings. Made from recycled materials this assembly has more qualities than stopping angry neighbors. It can be used as a Green Building credit or contribute to LEED certification.

Must See - Ascendings contemporary modular stairways are a must see for the show. Not only did their display have some pretty cool models, these staircases add a fresh look to any space.

Best Detail - …And the winner is… Universal Window & Doors’ FiberView Series 100 window, with a simple yet elegant stained glass-like feel.

- (and floors too) Plyboo plywood is perfect for any interior application from walls to floors, commercial to residential. There are a myriad of options with Smith & Fong’s bamboo products.

Wild Card - Control 4 is my wild card pick for the show. Although it is not strictly architecture it implements some pretty awesome technology. Anything from lights, home theaters and automated curtains can be controlled using a simple hand held device, and there is even an ap to control it from your smart phone!

Green - Best in green products goes to Apex Green Roofs. Two thumbs up for this Local area company. Located in Somerville, they recently installed one of their roofing systems at Harvard University’s Rowland Institute.