ProArts Kickball Showdown Recap

Ross Bresler, Executive Director of the ProArts Consortium, explaining the rules.

ProArts Kickball Showdown Recap
by Molly Rovero, B-Arch Candidate

This time last week people were gearing up for the ProArts Kickball Showdown. At the event the BAC Bees teamed up with a few Berklee tag-a-longs to defeat Team Awesome 10-8. Fellow BAC students dusted off their sneakers and made it out of the studio for 3 hours of jam-packed fun.

Lupe Hernandez-Rodriguez, aka "El Exacto," about to kick a homerun.
New acquaintances were found and friendly rivalries made. If you didn’t make it out this past weekend, there will be more opportunities to get in touch with your sporty side this spring, with the possibilities of another kickball game or even some ultimate Frisbee.

Chris and Aaron showing their BAC school spirit.
Although getting people together from the six ProArts schools was notable, one of the main purposes was to promote ProArts Connect, a web site for the schools of the ProArts Consortium; BAC, Berklee, Boston Conservatory, Emerson, Mass Art, and the Museum School.

Shawn Xie enjoying some pizza, courtesy of ProArts.
Site Development Manager and Berklee student, Adam Owens said, “The site has turned out to be a cool resource for the ProArts students, especially in the area of collaboration.” Students looking for help in the creative fields, such as the film makers at Emerson can search for composers at Berklee to score their films. ProArts Connect also has a marketplace and housing boards and other ways to get in touch with people from the 6 schools in the consortium.

Kevin Young, Lonnie Ash, Molly Rovero, Adam Owens and other students enjoy a pizza break.
Don’t forget to check out ProArts Connect and keep reading the blog for updates on future events!