Competition :: The Arizona Challenge

The Two Worlds Community Foundation presents The Arizona Challenge
 “Ignite, create, rethink the future of our desert cities.”

A competition designed to push the ideas of normal design in the hopes of a more sustainable and healthy way of life. The Arizona Challenge is a chance to reach the extremes of design and make use of the seemingly unusable Arizona desert to act as a cornerstone for self-sustaining communities for the rest of the world. The goal is to design and form communities that will be viable now and in the future. 

The Arizona Challenge is open to all full time, graduate level design students. Participants can form teams of three students, two of which are design studies students and the third being a student of another discipline. Teams must also have one design faculty advisor at a minimum. 

Application entry is due January 7, 2011 via email and must include a one page resume from each team member and a letter of support from the chosen faculty advisor. Applicant will be notified of acceptance by January 12, 2011. Competition materials will be released to the public and emailed to participating teams on January 18th, with final submissions due by April 21, 2011.

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