Holiday Presents :: New Year's Resolutions

2011. A brand new year. Time to assess your goals, create resolutions for betterment, and get a fresh start.

Tips for Making a New Year's Resolution:

1. Be realistic and make sure your goals are achievable. This doesn't mean you should lower your standards, but just be sure you aren't setting unrealistic expectations of yourself.
2. Make your resolutions measurable. For instance, instead of, "I want to go to the gym more," state your resolution in numbers--"I want to go to the gym three times per week."
3. After you set your resolution(s), find alternatives to the behaviors you want to change. For instance, if you are trying to quit smoking, create a list of things you could do instead of smoking (chewing gum, working out, drinking a glass of water, etc).
4. Set resolutions that are important to you, and not to others. You will have more success sticking to your resolution if it is something you believe in.