New England Art Awards

The 2010 New England Art Awards is a contest to honor the best art made here, local writing about local art, and exhibits organized here in 2010. So submit your recommendations here.

The aim of the awards, which are organized by The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research, is to promote a more exciting local art scene by encouraging and celebrating the work of artists, art writers and curators active in New England. Everyone is welcome to nominate. Winners will be chosen by (1) local active art journalists and (2) anyone else who wants to vote – and will be announced in terms of these two categories of voters.

The nominating process is automated – and our robots are standing by to receive your suggestions. You’re welcome to submit as many nominations as you like or to leave lots of blanks. Each nomination must be accompanied by a link to the show or publication. This is to help us save time in confirming each nomination’s eligibility and in building the awards ballot. Also we ask you to submit a name and e-mail address to prevent fraud and to help us doublecheck submissions, but we promise not to share it with anybody or add you to any mailing list.

Nominations should be received by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, Jan 5, 2011 to be considered. The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research (at its sole, imperfect, capricious discretion) will prepare an awards ballot culled from all the nominations we receive. We’re actually going to cull the nominees significantly. And we could use some help. If you’re interested in helping advise our culling, please e-mail us a brief note explaining why the awards would benefit from your expertise and/or point of view. We’re especially interested in help from people who have different views from us and so could help us fashion an awards ballot that is broadly representative of the best of our community.

Winners will be announced during our New England Art Awards Ball (which we aim to keep free and open to all) and here at The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research in early February. (Note: Details may change somewhat as this year’s contest shapes up.)

Some nomination rule
For artist nominations: Artists must reside in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire or Connecticut. And the art must have been exhibited in New England (in a gallery, on the street, online, published) in 2010. No Yalies will be accepted – as we believe that Yale is a suburb and satellite of New York and this is not the New York Art Awards. We will identify and banish Yalies at our sole, nutty discretion.

For writer nominations: Writers must reside in New England, excepting Yale. The essay must have been published – in print or online – in 2010.

For curator nominations: Exhibits must have been organized by a local institution or curator and must have been on view in New England in 2010. For example, “Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese” at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts in 2009 qualified that year because it was organized by the MFA, but the great “R. Crumb’s Underground” show at MassArt in 2009 did not qualify because it was organized by the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Also, “Shepard Fairey: Supply and Demand” at the ICA in 2009 qualified because even though it was organized (mostly) by an outside curator it was organized exclusively for the local museum.

For more info, please see this posting.