Parcel 13 :: Residence Hall/Institutional Space Design Charrette

Parcel 13 :: Residence Hall/Institutional Space Design Charrette
February 12 & 19, 2011

The BAC welcomes all students to participate in a 2-day design charrette focused on the possibilities of new space at Parcel 13 (along Boylston St., over the Mass Pike).  Work with representatives from ICON Architecture and the developer Trinity Financial to envision and provide feedback on the design of a new building (including a portion dedicated to student housing). All are encouraged to participate and share their vision for an expanded BAC campus.

If this opportunity is of interest, your participation is required during both charrette sessions:

Saturday, February 12th 8:30am-4:30pm
Saturday, February 19th 8:30am-12:30pm

Students who are eligible to enroll in courses SKA(7)202 or SKA (7)303 have the opportunity to earn Sketch Problem credit for participating. Please review the course description below for more information.

Please RSVP by emailing I
f you intend to earn credit, you must also register for Sketch Problem in person at the Registrar's Office by Friday, January 28th at 5pm.

Course Description: Sketch Problem SKA(7)202, (7)303 

This Spring’s Architecture Sketch Problem (SKA(7)202, (7)303) is a two-day design exercise intended to introduce students to alternative and/or fundamental methods of approaching the work of design. The work of the Sketch Problem is completed in a communal studio setting, where students work under the direct supervision of a group of critics, and will involve collaboration as a means of encouraging students to learn from one another in an interactive design process. The process is likely to be community based, and members from the BAC’s broader context will be invited to participate. The students will be attending a two stage design charrette to provide input on the Parcel 13 project which is designated to include spaces used by the BAC.  This is a proposal that is fully intended by the developer, architect and client to be built someday and is awaiting approval by the Boston Redevelopment Authority. The Sketch Problem is graded on a Pass/No Credit basis. Students are required to pass three Sketch Problems in sequence: SKA101 / SKA7101 is taken during Segment 1, SKA202 / SKA7202 may be taken either during Segment 1 or Segment 2, and SKA303 / SKA7303 is taken during Segment 2. Each successfully completed Sketch Problem is awarded 1 credit.