The Revitalization of Dorado’s Plaza de Recreo

Patrick Lausell, Hon. Carlos A. López Rivera & Zach Craun
Dorado: Urban Interface is a C-Level Studio created by Zach Craun & Patrick Lausell. The C-Level Studio explores strategies to redevelop Dorado’s Plaza de Recreo, a plaza in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Students delve into research about Puerto Rico’s history, culture, climate, demographics, urban development, and methods and material of construction.

Plaza de Recreo Master Plan

Zach Craun and Patrick Lausell went to Puerto Rico to present their students work to the mayor of Dorado. Four general strategies were developed to reconnect and reinvigorate Dorado’s Recreational Plaza:

1. Create a multi-modal public transportation hub to help reduce Dorado’s dependence on the automobile.

2. Introduce residential and recreational spaces to accommodate Dorado’s diverse residents.
3. Establish retail spaces that support local industries.
4. Continue to promote cultural institutions that strengthen Dorado’s identity.

Farmers Market (Randolph Walters)

Randolph Walters, a student in the Dorado: Urban Interface Studio, designed a farmers market for the plaza. Billie Scott’s proposal was a Performing Arts Center and Heather Scott designed a Cinema. You can see the complete proposal here.