Self-Service Online Registration Instructions

Please follow these steps in order to online register:

-Log into
-Select “Register For Degree Courses” towards the bottom of the page.
-If you have a stop on your account, you will need to attend the registration session on your assigned day in order to resolve the matter. 
-If your account is clear, you may select “2011/Spring”.
-Select “Course Search” on the left hand side or “Section Search” in the middle of the webpage.
-Make sure the Period field is set to “2011 Spring”.
-Make certain the “Registration Type” is set to “Traditional”.
-You may begin to search for courses.
-When you locate the proper course, click on the “Add” button on the right.
-A verification box will appear.  Click “Hide” in upper right corner in order to proceed with adding additional courses.  Click “New Search” on the left in order to conduct another search.
-PLEASE BE CERTAIN TO THAT THE “REGISTRATION TYPE” IS SET TO TRADITIONAL and that the “period” field is set to “2011 Spring”.
-Please be certain that you are searching on “traditional” and “2011 Spring” with each new course search.
-When you are ready to check out, click on “Proceed to Registration” in the verification box.
-Review your schedule and if it is correct, click on “Next”.
-The next screen will ask you to complete the registration by clicking “Finish”.
-In order to make changes to your schedule, click “Modify your schedule for 2011/Spring”.
-In order to print your schedule, click on “View Schedule”.