Gateway Project :: Greater Love Tabernacle

On Friday, February 18th, the BAC Gateway Project Team working with the Greater Love Tabernacle (GLT) Church in Dorchester ran their first design charrette at the church. The charrette focused on working with teens in the church to program and create a vision for their new Teen Café, part of the church’s vision for a new community center which will be located on a lot adjacent to the existing church building.

During this charrette, the teens took a tour of the building that is to be renovated for their new space and participated in a series of programming activities geared towards helping the GLT Gateway Project Team understand what 'Teen Café' means to the teens and what programs they would like to see included in their new space. Overall, the event was a great success as approximately 15 teens from the church showed up ready, willing and very excited to voice their ideas. The GLT Gateway Project Team is looking forward to continued working sessions with Teen Café to help the GLT teens see their ideas and their designs come to fruition.