Travel Photo Challenge

Traveling tends to be the time when we most photograph, taking lots of photos as you travel might leave you with some fantastic memories once you’re home. They can remind you why you want to return to (or perhaps avoid) a particular place. Each image can help you recall experiences, or retell amusing anecdotes. Every click of that shutter is worth the little effort it takes and with spring break near an end, we'd like to continue the fun with a Photo Challenge.

Send in your best travel images to The Photography Club and the winner will receive two free tickets to Berklee's Singer Showcase event for Thursday April 14th @ 8:15 pm. Didn't travel? No worries. Submit your best images of any place you have been to in the past. All photos will be posted on The Student Development Blog as the header image at the top of the blog.

Submit your photographs by April 6th at 5 pm by emailing images (200 dpi jpeg format) with your name and image title to Limited to 3 images per person please. Submissions must be original works taken by Boston Architectural College students. Winner will be announced Monday April 11th.