Women History :: Spotlight on Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray

Born of Irish descent, Eileen Gray was one of the pioneers who introduced modern design in the 1920’s. Her studies started in London and moved to Paris in the early 1900’s. It was in Paris that Gray studied drawing and painting but was instead drawn to material and lacquer and the started designing furniture and interiors.

Adjustable Table by Eileen Gray

Known for her tubular steel furniture, Gray’s pieces revolutionized the industry in her day and now stand as classic standards. Her inspiration came from the work of the De Stijl group which was expressed her sense of modernity. Her furniture has been described as unique and somewhat unconventional but supported her style and beliefs as a designer.

After her work with furniture, around the year 1927, Gray began to primarily work in the architecture field. Extending her modernist style to the home she designed for herself. She fell slightly off the map for a while but was brought back into the spotlight when collectors started purchasing her works. Today Gray is known as one of the finest designers and architects of her time. Her furniture pieces have gone down in history as icons of design.