951 Boylston Street :: Geothermal Well Drilling

The well drilling rig is in place between 951 Boylston Street and the fire house. The ramp door to 951 Boylston Street presents a potential safety hazard. In keeping with our goal of installing a well in a safe manner, we have opted to route all persons to the stair tower door at the rear of the building rather than use the ramp.

Wheelchair-bound folks can enter through the Boylston Hall emergency exit. So, if you intend to visit the building anytime while the rig is in place please be sure to watch your step and use the stair tower door for both coming and going. The rig will be in place for about two weeks.

As part of the Boston Architectural College's commitment to principles of sustainable design, the College has begun plans to construct a Green Alley between 320 Newbury and 951 Boylston.

These initiatives will play a significant role in addressing serious issues affecting Boston’s Back Bay, while serving as exceptional examples of sustainability and the College’s commitment to the future of Boston and its neighborhoods.

To learn more about the Green Alley Project, click here.