Blog Pick :: Designpiration

by Jean Yau, Bachelor of Design Studies Candidate

It's summer, but don't let your mind be bottled up into mush, let it roam free with creativity!  Designspiration provides a diverse selection of high quality, user-submitted images as a means of sharing inspiration.
  Without having to do much, just go to this site and you'll see all the possibilities of illustration in Architecture, Art, Graphic Design, Books, Build, Typography, and many more in full sized images.

The really cool thing about this design website, is the ability to navigate through the page and find the results of an "Inspiration" that you are looking for.  Designpiration have designed the website for access of the keyboard arrows for quick browsing. It's fun, fast and it feels good!

You can also search the site, simply just start typing what you'd like to search for or if you're looking for images with certain colors? Use the color search in the top toolbar to choose colors and type of trends.

So, if you're down on your mind and want to draw up some new sketches for past studio projects or a chance of new sprung creations, check out Designspiration.