by Anesu Dhliwayo, B-Arch Candidate

In honor of the upcoming portfolio reviews, we chose a different Blog Pick, I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY. It's not your typical Architecture, Landscape of Interior Design website, it's a website about fonts! I think we all know that font is everything. You may be a Helvetica lover, if want to be really fancy maybe you use Helvetica Extra Light. Others opt for the default Calibri and some the classy Arial. Regardless of what font brightens your portfolio or resume, I assure you you’ll fall in love with most of the fonts on I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY.

I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY was created in August 2007 John Boardley, a British Graphic designer. It exisst because Broardley “has a passion for typography, type design, and lettering, and for the words born of those disciplines.”  ILT tackles one of the biggest debates in fonts, Sans Serif or Serif. According to Boardley “a lot of time is wasted attempting to prove that one is better than the other for setting extended text. I suggest that you ignore the vague and inconclusive findings of such ramblings and decide for yourself. Oh, but seriffed types are better for extended text because the serifs lead your eye alongStop! Nonsense.”

I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY offers its audience knowledge of fonts, examples of fonts and the difference between them. Helvetica vs. Arial. I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY shows you the difference between them. Which one is better....well that’s matter of opinion.

Have the sudden urge to make your own font? Click here.