Blog Pick :: Studio 'g'

by Jean Yau, Bachelor of Design Studies Candidate

Ready for the summer?  Planning outdoor trips, lounging by a pool, rolling through some grass to get your shirt dirty?  Check out Studio 'g' for landscape inspirations, home-made products, or various material ideas!

Studio ‘g’ is a daily website dedicated to garden and landscape design run by Boston-based writer, Rochelle Greayer. Launched in July 2008, Studio ‘g’  was recently voted best garden design blog by readers. Studio ‘g’ shares garden design inspiration, landscape ideas, hotel resort and spa gardens, outdoor art and design, industry events and trends, the latest in landscape products and services and aims to inspire readers to recognize a sense of place so as they travel the world they can celebrate and value it.

This ‘Captured Zen’ garden by Bluegreen realizes various ways to put ‘real’ art in the garden.  With a widespread window out from the living room (framing out into the courtyard) and framing into the mountain range, this garden design effortlessly and successfully incorporates all sorts of art.

Studio 'g' covers a variety of designers that create a "Before & After" projects like that of Durrant Design that provided a beautiful makeover to the existing landscape.

With many elements kept in mind, the space was transformed into an organized and comfortable garden.

Disturbed by the fact that you can't find parking in Boston?  Well, I bet you wouldn't mind if some plants take your spots.  Natalie Jeremijenko, who have come up with the No Park Emergency Gardens where canceling out overflowing cars and polluted environments to a more pleasant scenery and circulation on side walks.

The phenomenal thing about Studio 'g' is their findings of different and useful ways to create from nature.