Event Recap: David Hacin Lecture

On Wednesday May 4, 2011 David Hacin, Principal, Hacin + Associates closed the Spring 2011 Lecture Series with a lecture that focused on the firms interaction with the layers of the Boston’s historic fabric. Hacin talked architecture for different cities and how Boston has managed to find a solution between old and new. 

“Some cities are frozen in the past, the look the same way they did 20 years ago.” Hacin says of historical cities like Florence and Venice. Places like Abu Dhabi have wiped their history are starting afresh with a new façade that neglects the history of the past. “Boston however,” Hacin says, “
It’s not an old city or a new city. It’s a city that is constantly changing and constantly adding to itself, but is always aware of its history. A lot of other cities have been built all at one time, or there’s very little of their history left, and what I think is wonderful about Boston is that it strikes a balance between its history and what’s added to it.”

Hacin Associates’ work ranges from architecture, interior design to historical preservation. Beacon Hill Townhouse project was a historical preservation and gut renovation of a 1840’s corner town house in Beacon Hill. The historical red brick façade stayed was maintained, however the interior was modernized. Hacin refers to historical preservation as projects that, “give the opportunity to breathe new life into old buildings.”

Hacin his main goal with local projects is to create, “
architecture that really tries to capture the spirit of the age, and the spirit of the context, in a simple and classic way."

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