Blog Pick :: Design Milk

Got Design?  Design Milk is an online magazine bringing to design world of what’s fresh and new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion, and technology.  They’re also read by many entertainers, hundreds of retailers, magazine editors, and HGTV hosts and designers.  This blog includes monthly videos from the perspective by a designer (discussing a product, concept, or final product), shop owners expressed through words and pictures, destinations to travel to inspirational architectural stay, and featured every Thursday, the column Skim Milk, is to seek the best minimalist design relating to architecture, furniture, interior design, and product design.

Featured recently on Design Milk, Destination Design: 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, opened five years ago, expanding into an interesting visit for people in which the hotel itself, exhibits, largely of comprised works from owners Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown's personal collection - making the only museum hotel in the country.  Inside, has mass variety of sculptures, paintings, photographs, mixed media, and video installations.  In the lobby, in the lounge area, to covering all the rooms in the hotel.  It seems to be a travel hit where you're not only pampered by comfortable residency, but the decor is educational and artsy!  Way to eat, sleep, and flourished by design all around you.

For those who are interested in furniture design, Design Milk covers various stories of unique seating, tables, to table lamps like the Beam table Lamp by Christian Vivanco.  Beam is a small table lamp that is focused on the materials and feeling at the interaction moment with the user.  Conceptually and materiality the beam is successfully made of a solid block of pine and a thermoformed mma sheet.  Clearly providing connection of soft texture and convenience of light to any room.

Design Milk is the development and in search of new ways to keep design fun, modern and healthy.  So, if you need any "fresh milk" ideas, check out their site!