Blog Pick :: MinimalisMi

by Jean Yau, Bachelor of Design Studies Candidate

Rain, rain, go away... It's always a mess when it rains, but to clear it all up, check out Minimalismi that cover the most simplistic form in architecture and design.  Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe adopted the motto “Less is more” to describe his numerous necessary arrangement components of a building to create an impression of extreme simplicity.  Many architects after, took their creative process in this tactic, shown many in the website.

Above, CasaX5 by MZC Architettura, is located in Treviso, Italy and designed for the most relaxation to be taken place.  With big space living-kitchen is completely white: walls, furniture, ceiling, lamps etc. All the surfaces reflect natural and florescent lights providing dense filter into the house.  Below, is the Kiltro House by Supersudaka, design and building process were so unsteady, with a steep-hill location, but constructed a simple and complex residence.

Minimalismi is a web magazine dedicated to minimalist industrial and interior design, architecture, concepts and technology.  Bringing works from Italy and around the world to you.