Trinity Church and the John Hancock Tower

Trinity Church and the John Hancock Tower

How do our buildings speak for us and how do the lessons of the past drive the decisions of tomorrow?
A TEDxBoston Adventure
Friday June 24, 2011 from 9 - 11 am
Trinity Church & the Hancock Tower, Copley Sq

To understand Boston, you must understand the complicated but symbiotic relationship between Trinity Church and the John Hancock Tower. The buildings talk to each other across two centuries, informing us all about the complex and time-layered City of Boston.

Come learn about the design and construction of these two stunning works of architecture - how design, technology, city planning, and engineering all coalesce to produce two magnificent structures.

This adventure will include a very special tour of areas generally off limits to the public - led by the current design, engineering, and construction principals of each building.