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by Jean Yau, Bachelor of Design Studies Candidate

It's a struggle to juggle with classes, family, or keeping a social contact amongst friends in the profession of Architecture, but it's much more of a challenge to figure out a career to a so called "career path" in maintaining your own personal goals. is one of many websites as a reliable architecture career guide.

I had the opportunity to attend a career workshop during my visit to Washington, D.C. for AIAS Grassroots 2011.  I met and conversed with Lee Waldrep, the present Assistant Director in the School of Architecture at University of Illinois, served as Associate Executive Director of the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and as Associate Dean in the School of Architecture, Planning, & Preservation at the University of Maryland. He has twenty years of experience in the fields of architecture and career development and he recently wrote the book, Becoming an Architect published by J. Wiley and Sons.  Waldrep's lecture I took part in was extremely informative and gave me insights to my near future on how to approach my schooling years, but also how to obtain my licensee to become an architect.  Waldrep gives numerous lectures around the country and assisted many students alike.  If you have any questions for him, you can contact him through his blog, Dr. Architecture.

ArchCareers provide a guide to the "Three E's" that are needed to be an architect: Education, Experience and Examination.  This website will give you access to all the key reliable resources that is important to your career in architecture, or if you decide not to get your license and pursue a different design route but still want to relate to the build form network.  It provides you information on NAAB, NCARB and IDP, and to the ARE.

The most one significant source is yourself; how you interact with people and to stay in contact with them.  Networking, therefore maintaining a strong relationship between the people you meet who will become really great friends where ever you go and the resources you obtain, as you finish off your years in architecture school and moving forward.  Check out, it will surely take a load off!