Stay Informed :: Pell Grants

In an effort to deal with the nation's debt, Congress is considering cutting the Pell Grant program nearly in half, which could bounce about 1.5 million students off the grants.

Congress has been involved in ongoing negotiations with President Obama to raise the debt ceiling and prevent the country from defaulting on its debt. Education, as part of discretionary spending, is in danger of suffering the consequences of our national debt.

The Pell Grant program is a means of access to higher education and social opportunity for low-income families. Cutting Pell Grant awards or eligibility will reduce access to college.

Atelier would like to invite you to become more involved in ensuring you continue to receive the Pell Grant to continue on in your studies. 
Interested in having your voice heard in this debate?

Here are a few things you can do:

-Learn more about Pell Grants.

-Sign the petition

-Young Invincibles, an organization deducated to getting the youth voice heard, is asking students to submit their story about how the Pell Grant has made a difference in your life. Submissions can be sent to
. By sending them a submission, you give Young Invincibles permission to use your story as part of a social media campaign to save the Pell Grant program.

-Email your Representatives. Representative contact information can be found here.