Ten Years after 9/11 :: Visualizing the Human Connection

Ten Years after 9/11 :: Visualizing the Human Connection

A TEDxBoston Adventure
Sunday September 11, 2011
Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA
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What one of New England's premier photographers help us understand about the role images have played in social change? Join international philanthropist and photographer Dick Simon at the Griffin Museum of Photography for a conversation on where we've come since 9/11 and how far we have yet to go.

Motivated by the belief that images are instrumental in creating social change and his extensive experience in the Middle East, Dick will share a body of work that shows there is no “them.” In the images he has produced over the last decade during travels to Israel, Palestine, Syria, Pakistan, and elsewhere, Dick demonstrates the importance of shedding the lens induced by the media and removing our filters of prejudice and preconceived notions.

In regions of conflict and need, Dick has engaged with people on the streets, heads of state and CEOs of the world’s largest businesses in making a difference. His photographs emphasize the human connection and capture the shared hopes and dreams of people across diverse societies, religions and cultures.

In addition, this TEDx Boston Adventure will feature a behind the scenes tour of the Griffin, New England's only photography museum by Executive Director and Curator Paula Tognarelli.