Award Announcement for the Chinatown Green Storefront

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Award Announcement for the Chinatown Green Storefront project!

In an exciting development, AACA has put aside funds for the winning entry to the Chinatown Green Storefront Project. The winning team will receive a $2,000 award with the potential to have their design built in the Summer of 2012. Additionally, through partnership with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, we are pleased to offer a range of seminars devoted to the approvals process, neighborhood history, innovative sustainable practices and cutting edge materials, as a part of your involvement.

Each team will be working with a faculty practitioner and will have a specific Chinatown business owner as a client. Following the creation of an entry for the design competition, all teams will also be creating Design Development documents of their entry, and will be coached by their mentors in the process of putting together a set of drawings. We’re excited to offer this amazing opportunity, and are making this announcement with the offer to still get involved if you haven’t yet expressed interest!

How to Get Involved

If you have not already expressed interest in participating in this project, please submit the attached Gateway Application, a current resume and 1 work sample by 5:00 on Friday, August 19th. Once we receive these items, you will be a part of the selection process for this project. Team announcements will be made via email next week.

If you have any other questions about how to participate in this project, please contact the Practice department at or 617.585.0145. We look forward to working with you!

Practice | 617.585.0145