Welcome to Fall 2011!

My name is Becky Anderson, and I am the Coordinator of Student Activities. I work with Atelier (the Student Government at the BAC) and the student organizations, as well as update this blog to inform you of what is happening on campus.

I have some advice to both our incoming and our returning students:

Get involved. For a list of current student organizations, click here 
to see our new Student Organizations website. Even if you only have time to attend one event or meeting, getting involved on campus helps you meet other students and navigate the BAC.

Utilize your resources. This means going to speak with an Academic Advisor, your professor, get a mentor, or get tutored at the Learning Resource Center. These services are all free as part of your paid tuition. Don't wait until you are having an academic issue - be proactive and use these resources as soon as you begin to see an issue. Don't wait until it is too late.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Also included in your tuition is the Student Assistance Program
--free and confidential counseling services, legal assistance, financial assistance, and a website with over 12,000 articles, videos, tip sheets, calculators, assessments and searchable provider directories. Topic areas include, but are not limited to, child care, parenting, elder care, higher education planning, career development, health/wellness, emotional wellbeing, legal/financial resources, and pet care services.

Do your homework. Among all things, you are here to be a student before anything else. Our office wants to see students succeed, and the most successful BAC students put their academics first.

On behalf of Kara Peet, Director of Student Development; Richard Griswold, Associate Provost and Dean of Students; and myself - WELCOME! I look forward to meeting many of you during your time at the BAC.

Becky Anderson

Coordinator of Student Activities