Blog Pick :: Competitions

by Jean Yau, Bachelor of Design Studies Candidate

Every student looks for opportunity to compete in an architectural, interior, landscape, or other types of design competitions.  Do we ever stop to browse through existing competitions that experienced Architects have submitted in the past or will be submitting in the near future?  Take a look at this website, Competitions with daily updates on major competition events in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning around the world.

For example, recent post of Turning a Wasteland into a Community: The Gownus Lowline Ideas Compeition.  The first prize winner created an "urban wetland – a complex, well-detailed filtration ecosystem seamlessly interwoven with a network of pedestrian circulation paths, recreational spaces, and retail and commercial buildings tucked underneath vegetated roofs.  The jury was pleased with this unique integration, noting that it “presents a more compelling urban condition and suggests a new type of urban landscape that suggests living with remediation.” Read more from here.

Its a great resource when it comes down to finding precedents for your own work, but even better influence to explore on the work from emerging professionals in design.  Find ways in how they came to their design, their strategies in a particular project they are doing, and read about open competitions that you might want to participate in.

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