Blog Pick :: SustainAbility

by Jean Yau, Bachelor of Design Studies Candidate

SustainAbility is a web blog dedicated to news all around the world about the current events on our most leading topic as designer architects; sustainable design. This week I decided to browse through this subject because I am currently taking an online course that deals with Sustainable Design: A Way of Thinking.  We are covering some key ideas and terms from systems thinking, especially applied to physical growth in the environment and to sustainability. We are using these ideas and terms to develop a more useful language of sustainability.

Take a look at this blog, it has daily updates about the economy, decoupling economic growth from environmental impacts, sociology and the planet, current data changes in climate, water scarcity, poverty, biodiversity and many more news.

As creators of the built environment, the actual process of design, and how teams of clients, designers, engineers, contractors and others can better coordinate their efforts on common projects, sustainability is a HUGE part of this matter.  Everyone needs to stop to evaluate buildings designs and develop a strong environmental performance of buildings, but as well as taking in consideration the result of civilians' actions on the Earth.  in the words of Dana Meadows, a dedicated Systems Analyst, “what if technology lets us to obtain many times more resources than we estimate? What if we can triple or quadruple food yields? What if we find an inexpensive way to control virtually all pollution? No matter how many scenarios they tested, the basic result remained the same. WE HAVE A CHOICE.” There comes a good and bad out of our actions, and considering the possibility of advancing and not designing more carefully to the needs of our own life cycle, the growth will collapse because it keeps overflowing with carelessness.

Keep up with SustainAbility, have it impact the way you design so the impact on our world will continue to flourish!