Competition :: I Am Being Resourceful

Architecture discourse and practice have a renewed interest in design logics that use fewer resources to reduce detrimental effects on natural systems. This competition assumes that, while we can't eliminate our impact, we can perhaps do better than simply try to do less damage. We are seeking events and projects that use design not only to "sustain" environmental systems, but to encourage health and productivity between all natural systems– including people– as one positive idea often leverages other benefits.

For example, projects might include new habitat that is created by densifying urban areas, agriculture added in unexpected places that supports neighborhoods, ecological greenspace that manages precipitation, material studies that promote symbiotic forestry logics, energy generation that encourages healthy recreation, affordable housing that creates cleaner air, responsible food harvesting that has social effects, or transportation strategies that benefit local communities or wildlife. Projects can be specific to a place or general logics that work at the regional scale of a river or to the detail size of a room or object.

To submit, upload any project completed in affiliation with a school of architecture, landscape architecture or urban design at and then simply add "Being Resourceful" as one of the Categories. (You may submit a project already uploaded by just adding this Category listing.) There is no entry fee.

Entries must be posted by SEPTEMBER 30, midnight EST. The more you upload, the better chance you have of winning one of five $100 prizes along with a copy of Joan Ockman's forthcoming ACSA100 book on architectural education, as well as being part of a special feature in the ARCHIVE exhibition opening in 2012.

For suggestions on submitting materials or the jury process, review answered questions at: Being  Resourceful Q&A