Mentoring Meet & Greet

Mentoring Meet & Greet

Wednesday October 5, 2011
Stress Management Lecture, 5-6pm
Q&A session, 6-7pm
Casc. Hall, The Loft & the McCormick Gallery, 320 Newbury Street

The BAC Mentoring Program, facilitated by Academic Advisors Jocelyn Townshend and Christina Liu, will be hosting an event in conjunction with Year One Seminar. This event will be a chance for current Mentors and Mentees to connect with each other and discuss the progress of Mentoring. It is also an opportunity to serve the larger student body by offering them a chance to learn about the Mentoring program and its members. This event is also a major vehicle for recruitment and publicity for Mentoring. Thus, there will be 2 components to this event:

1. During the first hour, between 5-6 pm, Year One students will meet with their respective instructors. B.Arch students and current Mentees will be treated to a lecture on stress management. M.Arch students will be meeting their instructor (and each other) for the first time. All BAC students are invited to the Stress Management lecture.

In the meantime, current Mentors will be meeting in the Fishbowl of 320 Newbury Street. They will either be listening to a speaker regarding Mentoring or participating in a panel themselves.

2. During the second hour, between 6-7 pm, all Mentors, Mentees, and Year One students will convene in Casc. Hall, Loft & the McCormick Gallery for a Q&A session. Mentors and staff members will be identified by name tags, and students will ask questions as part of a Year One assignment. This is integral for students to be pro-active in their education.

Questions? Contact:

Christina Liu: 1-617-585-7352
Jocelyn Townshend: 1-617-585-0249