BAC Student in AIA Educational Video Series

AIAS BAC Chapter President, Jessica Leong, has been featured in a DESIGN: Art + Science educational video series. The clip above is a teaser for DESIGN: Art + Science educational video series.

Filmed over the weekend of Saturday September 17, 2011, the group of students involved shot the first two episodes of the AIA Design:Art+Science series in a high-rise building in San Francisco on the importance of good architecture and sustainable design.

The DESIGN: Art + Science educational video series is a series of educational videos that will present a variety of high performance design code requirements and connect them back to today's standard architectural practice. These films are being produced by the AIA in an effort to educate non-architects on the need of architects and good architecture.

Each 60 minute episode will present a building science driven high performance design code requirement and connect it back to todays standard architectural design practice. It will explore how the issue presented will impact or potentially change aspects of practice such as overall project scope, project team selections/needed skills, contract documents, design process, permitting, bidding, specifications, construction and/or building operations.

For more information about the video series, click here.