Blog Pick :: Archi-Ninja

by Jean Yau, Bachelor of Design Studies Candidate

HI-YA!  Check out Archi-Ninja, an online project founded in ‘08 by Sydney based Architecture student Linda Bennett. Archi-Ninja is the discussion and critique of current Architectural projects and ideas… Ninja style!

Featured this month, Linda recaps on an interview she had with Peter Ho, PHOOEY Architects.  The interview captured Ho's identity in the architectural profession and what he hopes to accomplish with his work.  Aspirations, fundamentals, and diversities in the design world will lead to "some strategies and develop other ways of doing and seeing."  Peter Ho and his colleagues work in ways to solve architecture and find inspirations "by other peoples stories & dreams."

Visit Linda's web design blog Archi-Ninja, where the possibilities of gaining knowledge and expansive first-hand experiences, from interviews of prominent architects, will provide you the motivation to create 'Architecture.'