Blog Pick :: NOTCOT is a design site that covers a wide variety of ideas for many designers and trendsetters everywhere.  NOTCOT contributes to present sites of and where they also present an artist’s imaginative mentality.

One of countless technology featured in this website is CubeStormer II.  The CubeStormer II solves the Rubik’s Cube puzzle faster than the human world record.  The mechanics are assembled from LEGO, including four MINDSTORMS NXT kits, with the addition of a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone running a custom Android app as the robot's brain. Check it out!

NOTCOT serves as a design tool; “the daily source of inspiration” for everyone who has a “creative block.”  This site accommodates innumerable visual striking pictures of creations from appliances, art, architecture, creative fashion, technology, and many more random schemes.  Possibilities are endless with NOTCOT.