Hexy Wall :: BID Student's Work on Apartment Therapy

Mika Gilmore (Bachelor of Interior Design candidate), recently had her 'Hexy Wall' highlighted on Apartment Therapy (a website whose main goal is connecting people to the resources they need to improve their homes, while reducing their reliance on stuff).

Through exploration in a BAC Furniture Design studio, Mika created a multi-functional, modular storage wall, inspired by the beehive and  hexagon. She applied her ideas about flexibility and a sustainable lifestyle into a one-to-one scale model, creating a design that was sculptural, adaptable, and flexible for the user. Pieces, parts, place, and function were the words she had in mind, repeating over and over. 

Examining the patterns found in nature, Mika became obsessed with the honeycomb, and the bee. “Hexagons are an amazing shape, and have inherent structural capabilities.” The Hexy Wall design emerged as an adaptable structure that carries with it a certain timelessness and beauty that many other practical storage units don't have. Sold in clusters of three, units can stack onto another allowing the owner to create their own configuration. For extra stability, the clusters attach with the strong force of super magnets. The Hexy Wall can be made in a variety of depths and colors. Drawers are also available to utilize the entire space within each hexagon.  

“I wanted the material to be affordable, simple, yet elegant. The paint is an off matte white, which I chose intentionally. I wanted the finish to exaggerate the gorgeous repetition of the structure and the shadows, I didn’t want them to compete with the natural beauty of the form. To illuminate the many layers of the Baltic birch, I chose one stain that reminded me of honey, and one that reminded me of maple syrup, the sweet stuff that we are given by nature. I feel they really emphasized the edge of the piece and created a really nice contrast to the white interior/exterior.”

Mika's work captures the essence of sustainable and modern design: the ability for the design itself to adapt. Check out the Hexy Wall in person at Room 68, a new design store in Boston. Price per cluster: $175-$300.