Atelier Fall Open Forum

Atelier Fall Open Forum

Monday November 28, 2011 at 6:30 pm
The Loft, 320 Newbury St, 2nd Floor

Atelier, as the student government at the BAC, is in a position to advocate for student interests to the BAC administration. Every semester, Atelier hosts an open forum to gather student input on issues related to campus life at the BAC and as a vehicle to understand where students' interests lie. This semester's event will be held in the loft on Monday November 28 beginning at 6:30 pm. Topics of discussion will include the following:

Fabrication Capabilities
Recently a series of posters and online petitions have been circulating related to improved fabrication equipment at the BAC. Atelier is interested in understanding the real interest in these capabilities and any suggestions students might have about making these capabilities a reality at the BAC.

Studio Culture
A repeating topic of discussion is studio culture at the BAC. The BAC has made and continues to make improvements to the studio culture, but Atelier is interested in hearing students' thoughts about how to improve the studio experience.

Building Hours
Over the last several semesters, Atelier and the Student Development Office have advocated for extended school hours at mid terms and final exams. Recently students have approached Atelier with an interest in regularizing hours, particularly on the weekend. Atelier is interested in student opinions about building hours and strategies for incrementally increasing building hours.

Other topics can be covered depending on student interest. We value your insight. Come and contribute to the shaping of campus life at the BAC. Pizza will be served.