Bar-Code: NOT !

In defense of your final projects currently under-construction in advance of reviews, I’m imploring you to rid your models of the bar-codes. Unfortunately, each basswood stick is printed with this menacing mark of commerce that distracts us from seeing the beauty of your work and the ideas expressed therein.

Beyond pleading with you all, I have sent a message to the mill that produces our treasured material to ask that they change their practices. The message to Midwest Products is below:

Dear Basswood People,

I would like to offer feedback on your basswood model-making products.

It would be enormously helpful to the hundreds of design students at the BAC if you would cease printing bar-codes on each basswood stick.

The bar-codes make our models look cheap, unconsidered and it is distracting to our presentations.

We would appreciate a response, but really it is best that you just get rid of those marks.


Lee Peters, BAC Director of Foundation Studios

Their response could take a while, or more likely completely ignored. So for now, please sand-off, scrape-off or cut-off that unsightly blemish.

I look forward to seeing all of your good work over the next couple weeks.

-Lee, Foundation Studios