BuildBoston Workshop Recap :: Shaderlight for SketchUp

By Olivier Jamin Changeart, MArch Candidate

During the BuildBoston event, many workshops, covering a wide variety of topics,
are offered. From case studies to code and building standards to materials / products to technology and software, everyone will find a suitable match. Sessions are sold à la carte and last about 90 minutes each. 

I attended the “Creating professional presentations using Google SketchUp” workshop, which taught me how to intuitively communicate and present design concepts to a client. I discovered a very cool plug-in to
photo-realistically render your SketchUp model.
 Shaderlight is FREE and very user friendly. Whether you’re using SketchUp Free or Pro, Shaderlight fits seamlessly with your workflow so you don’t have to be a rendering expert to get great results.

Future BuildBoston tip: if you become a BSA member a few weeks before the event, you will get one free workshop at BuildBoston! Check in with the BSA regarding this benefit next fall.