Competition :: Paris Market Lab

Gastronomy is without a doubt one of the largest economic activities in the world. With the appearance of new restaurants like the Bulli by Ferran Adria among others, a new concept of cooking has been born, where investigation and research have become key to understand the present and future of gastronomy.

From ArchMedium we will like to propose the creation of a new restaurant concept that we have called “Maket Lab”. The Paris Maket Lab is a complex where kitchen is taken to a new level; not only in the way that dishes are prepared but also in the way the clients interact with it.

The Market Lab acts as restaurant and cooking school at once, and it wants to be nothing less than one of the best in the world in both categories. The chosen site is strategically located a few steps away from the Sain-Germain market at the heart of Paris, forcing the new design to integrate and dialogue with all the history and the urban planning that surrounds it.

Registration Deadline: January 15, 2012
Submission Deadline: January 31, 2012
For more details, please visit ArchMedium.