BAC Travel Studies :: Spring 2012

CD102E/CD7102E: Long Studio
Syncretic architecture: difference, contact, and reconciliation 
Travel dates: February 10-20
Instructors: Luis Montalvo & John Pilling
Credits: 6
Meeting time: Mondays and Thursdays, 5:30 – 10pm
Travel costs in addition to tuition: $2,800
The syncretic merger of native, peninsular, African, European, and American influences over the centuries creates a surprisingly resilient Cuban culture.  Cuba was far enough from Spain, México and Peru to make quotidian decisions without intense oversight.  Outside each city and cropland lies the wilderness of the ‘Monte,” where individuals ranging from the original Tainos to Castro’s rebels have hidden away to challenge authority.  Spirit persists to trump every outside force; these transformative practices affect Cuba’s expressive architecture and urban design. This studio will study the syncretic cultures of Cuba, the continuities and discontinuities through its architecture and urban design.  Travel will explore Havana and its surrounding countryside.  It will include meetings with the arts community to learn about Cuban’s environment, life and work.  Travel research will be documented with audio, still and moving images, and sketchbooks.  Students will create mixed-use buildings [ferry terminals and cultural resources] on Havana Harbor’s waterfront. For more information, please attend the January 12th Studio Lottery (6pm CAS Hall) or contact
This opportunity is available to students who have passed the Segment 1 portfolio review (PR450). Interested students must have a current passport that is valid 4 months beyond the date of the trip’s return when making their studio lottery selection.
HT218/HT7218: Online Course
Theories in Architectural Preservation, Conservation and Urban Renewal
Travel dates: March 15-25
Instructor: Jaime Wilson
Credits: 3   
Travel costs in addition to tuition: $1,550 (airfare is not included and is the responsibility of the student)
Theories in Architectural Preservation, Conservation and Urban Renewal will address the political and social concerns involved in the restoration, preservation, and complete rebuilding of a site. Through analysis of four projects of varying degrees of preservation, restoration, and renewal, students will address the motivations for and public responses to modern society's intervention to "protect" the architectural and cultural heritage of a community. On-site visits abroad will allow students to thoroughly examine the effects of such an intervention. Students will address current preservation and renewal efforts in the United States as well. During the 10-day intensive trip to Greece, students will visit a range of sites, from the Acropolis to Olympia. Non-refundable fee (due January 27): $1000. The remaining balance is due February 10th. For more information, please contact

BAC Summer Abroad 2012
Travel dates: July 8 - August 6
Richard Griswold and Jovi Cruces will be leading a study abroad program to Paris, France during the summer of 2012. Students in good academic standing from all programs can participate, and all coursework will emphasize intensive use of sketchbook techniques for recording observations, and designing. A second information session will be announced in February 2012 and you can contact for more info. Check out the adventures of the 2009 Paris Program here. Student work from past BAC programs in Paris can be seen here.

Students who are expecting financial aid funds to cover the cost of travel opportunities can sign a promissory note to allocate their incoming funds to travel deposits before the money is actually distributed. Please contact the BAC's Financial Aid Department for details on how to apply for funding and pay travel deposits on time.