Blog Pick :: Architecture + Morality

by Jean Yau, Bachelor of Design Studies Candidate

The holiday break, what is there to do?  Can I interest you in a bit of light reading?

"Morality is the sense of fundamental right or wrong linked with a human act.  Moralization is the act of declaring a thing to be right or to be wrong.  It is implanted in the human mind and we are programmed to know which acts are right and which are wrong based on our survival strategy.
  There is an obligation for people to obey by once taught, there will be conflicts, and there will be uncomforting derivatives, but by recognizing order to agree and not judge, the principle of moral will be more equal," written from one of my essays in a past Civilization & Ideas course.  This week I decided to cover a topic that not many students in design usually recognize when they are working on their studio projects, how architecture and morality relate to one another?

Architecture + Morality, a blog written and updated by
a civil engineer, an architect and a pastor, dedicated to discuss a range of social issues behind architecture.  You ask yourself "why do we have to take this religious course?" or maybe wondering "what's the use of understanding psychology, I'm not going to use it?"  Well, architecture, landscape, interior design, or any other design concentration;  we all have to think about the issues that civilians bring about in all that we create.  How people use the space and the consideration of the function whether it'd be religious, recreational, educational, etc.  the ability to feel compassion towards our clients to understand the need of their building.

This blog covers a variety of travel experiences, political aspects, religious approaches, visionary architects, environmental projects and many more discussions.  All of the debates or statements that are presented are a combination of realistic issues when in a firm, or doing an individual project, it is necessary to play the part of the "creator," the "client," and the "audience."  It is an obligation to express architecture as a means of value and what and why some may take side or oppose the way you design.

Visit this blog to read all about it!  Help yourself to stay informed and top of the news of subjects that are extremely useful to your design major.  Happy reading!