Competition :: Infiniti Design De-contest “Living Everywhere”

The Infiniti Design De-contest competition is entitled “Living Everywhere” and is aimed at young designers born after 01/01/1972.

DEADLINE:  February 29, 2012
To enter the competition, designers must present projects for the following product groups for use in a domestic setting:

- Chairs
- Stools
- Tables
- Other home furnishing accessories

Ideally these projects should represent one of the five continents taking inspiration from how they have been portrayed in some internationaly renowned films.

Taking as a starting point the idea that the history of design should be seen as a process of evolution which draws inspiration from all the different parts and arts of the world, designers are asked to design innovative furnishings which represent their continent of origin, interpreting this continent according to how it is portrayed in the world of cinema.

In other words, when creating their design, designers must use a film which is set entirely in the continent where they live as their inspiration. This means, for example, that an Indian designer can chose to reference only one of the four films set in Asia, and not the others.

The suggestion of these films should not be considered as a restriction, but as a possible aid to help to interpret the continent in question (e.g. to evoke –through a chair, stool, table or other furnishing- the America that is revealed in “New York, New York”: a world of jazz and nightclubs, where everyone can have their fifteen minutes of fame before glamour meets harsh reality).

The winning project in each category will be decided by an expert jury.

For more information on this competition and how to register, visit Infiniti Design.